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Originally Posted by Mark1npt View Post
My own, for what it's worth might have to do with fatigue. It's not a copout, but sometimes guys just get fatigued. We are inundated all day with pressure situations, schedules, deadlines......demanding results and finality. Sometimes I think fatigue sets in. We just grow a little weary, maybe? Do we have to have all the answers, right now? Do we have to discuss the weight of the world, or our relatuionship, right now? Do we have to have all the answers, all the commitments, all the plans, all the future holds, right now? Can things just not play out, over time? Can the answers evolve as our lives unfold, over the years? I'm not living in fear of expressing emotion, but sometimes it is drama and sometimes we're just too tired. it may not be what some of our spouses/partners really want to hear right now ,but it's the truth.
yes I agree... and I think that perhaps this is part of what might of happened. However, I expected him to know that he was tired and tell me that. I expected that if his emotions were getting away on him and he found himself in a place of frustration and on the verge of saying nasty things about my two life loves... then he would have the fore sight to notice that before damaging the relationship we have...

I don't think it is ever okay to say that your friends husband should 'get over it' in regards to their feelings and i don't think he should of assumed that Mono just doesn't want me to see him at all because he is monogamous.

Okay, I get that in the privacy of ones own home and in the company of neutral parties that one trusts, we all like to vent a little and go over frustrating circumstances in order to understand others better and to learn to live with them... but this just wasn't okay and was damaging.
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