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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
For me, this would then turn into a dynamic of oppression. Who gets to define what homeschooling means? People who know little about it but have lots of opinions about it or people who are actual practicing homeschoolers?

If we continue to allow ourselves to be defined by the people who have little knowledge but lots of opinions about us, we are tacitly allowing their definitions to be the truth rather than ours.
Sincerely Ceoli, I do not mean this as a challenge or any type of attack. I simply don't understand the resistance to defining words and terms. To use this example, the majority will define what homeschooling will ultimately mean. Through majority understanding the term will be defined and come to have meaning. Without majority understanding the idea of homeschooling means nothing. The same can be applied to any word. Some people will feel excluded, that is inevitable in all areas of life. All inclusive is a myth.

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