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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Makes great sense to me as a homeschooler.
LOL. Duly noted.

Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
If homeschooling parents were suddenly assumed to have orgies because some group somewhere in the belt of sin was reported doing this, trying to say "I'm not a homeschooling parent because I don't do orgies" is kind of tacitly saying that there is truth to the unfounded assumption that orgies among homeschoolers are a wide practice.

In other words deciding to define ourselves based on other people's assumptions (which are usually not reflective of the reality) rarely does much to dispel the the untruths and the assumptions. In fact, it usually perpetuates them.

Which is why I prefer to dispel the assumption directly rather than change the word so that people can continue to incorrectly assume the meanings or the practices behind the original word.
Granted, disassociating yourself from the word doesn't dispell the stereotype. However, there is also the side point that if homeschooling is used to mean orgy, then it loses its original meaning. This does make it difficult when you're looking for more homeschooling families, as you will have to wade through an awful lot of people looking for orgies, thus wasting time and energy you could have spent elsewhere. This can be discouraging for everyone involved.

I'm actually just playing devil's advocate, here. I see what you're saying, I see (obviously) what I'm saying, and I don't think there's any easy answer. I think that because there is sex involved, there is extra social stigma and therefore maybe more of a gut-level reaction to distance oneself from the thing that would make your lifestyle "bad" in the eyes of society--or I guess in this case it would be "worse" since polyamory is already "bad".
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