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Thank you RainygrlJenny, Karma and I were just reading this together and couldn't have responded better ourselves. You pretty much covered what we were thinking.

To us g/f doesn't equate sex, especially for my brother and his wife who stayed virgins until marriage 6 years (or more I don't remember) into their relationship. We equate the terms g/f, b/f, spouse with love and deep affection, not sex.

I do find it demeaning to refer to someone in a relationship as a 'friend'. Even as a young child when my Gma would refer to my aunt's b/f's as 'friends' I wondered how stupid she thought we were. We knew they were dating.

There's really no 'eagerness' to discuss poly with her. But it is what her parents want to do and Karma and I are okay with that. Is it necessary for us all to be involved in the talk, maybe not. But it's how our family is choosing to handle it.

As for what we'll say or how we'll answer questions...we aren't sure yet, hence the starting of this thread.
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