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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
There are threads here on coming out, look around. It's different for everyone. I think it must be especially hard for you since you're married to her bf, but her peeps think she's his gf and you're just a roommate! Weird! Don't you and he wear rings?

It is tricky when you're out and proud and one of your partners isn't. How long has she been your/yr husband's gf? How long did you date before moving in together?

I am sorry she is not giving you enough romantic alone time. That's the thing with triads, sometimes one person won't be interested much in one of their 2 partners.

My hubby and I don't wear rings, we both have symbolic tattoos with eachothers names in it so its easy to miss as both of us have several tats. Ass for JB ii sat her down and told her how I was fealing and use straight examples and told her that just because I'm feeling this way doesn't mean she did anything intentionally and it doesn't mean that I love her any less. When I brought up the subject of "comming out" to her family her response was I just don't know how to tell them. So that's what we are working on now. She has taken what I said very seriously and tried to make me feel better about us so I really have to aplod her here. Its a work in progress! Thank u for the recomendation, I have been reading as much as I can on here as there is sooooo much great info and even more wonderful people. Thank you
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