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agreeing that we wouldn't tell anybody
Why did you agree to turn it from consensual non monogamy, something ethical and above board, to something that is basically infidelity. If it's an attempt to get revenge on your husband, as well as being an immature thing to do, I doubt it would work very well seeing as your husband is on board with you seeing other people. It might, however, backfire if he feels that that it was an attempt at vindictive behaviour and he finds that intolerable.

But I am NOT okay with him seeing anybody else, because I'm jealous as hell. Are there poly relationships where one partner is poly and the other isn't, but is accepting of it?
Yes there are healthy non monogamous relationships where one or more of the people involved are monogamous, however, it's my personal belief that a rule in any kind of relationship should never be made with insecurity and/or lack of trust as the motivation for enforcing it. On top of that, I don't believe people who are in unstable monogamous relationships should attempt to open their relationships as a method of solving their problems.
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