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Originally Posted by Dirtclustit View Post
it's ignorant to paint all relationships framed with a hierarchy as something to be shamed by a community.
No one is shaming anyone else, throughout this entire thread. There have been disagreements, points discussed back and forth, but this has been a pretty great example of how to have an intelligent conversation. Disagreement is not the same as shaming, Dirtclustit.

Originally Posted by Dirtclustit View Post
If I am in a relationship with a person or people, and after many discussions of what is acceptable and what is not for what goes on in my relationships, the situation you are calling "a veto" would be what I call dissolution of the relationship.
"Veto Power" really is just an prearranged agreement regarding a future deal breaker. It's like having the argument beforehand and deciding not to break up, but to instead capitulate to the desires of the one with the issue. Instead of saying "I don't trust that girl, she gives me the willies, you need to break up with her or I'm leaving you" and his responding "No, no, don't leave me... I'll break up with her because my feelings for her are irrelevant"... it's just done prior to the issue coming up.

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