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Default Now THAT makes sense to me

Thank you for clarifying what you meant London, I have a tendency to be overprotective of anybody and everybody and can come across as extremely rude or even pardon the expression, an asshole.

I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and assume that there intentions are not at all bad. But I because I view people's sexuality as being something that everybody deserves to have theirs respected in that having anything about your sexuality ridiculed or shamed is not acceptable behavior for anyone to have to put with, not that it happens so much here, but most of the online sites that are geared towards having a open mind towards sex, it seems inevitable that it cannot be separated from an environment that is very harsh and requires "thick skinned" attitudes.

But I do realize in my zeal to prevent others from experiencing that I begin using the very tones I vehemently oppose.

Your last post here makes me think your view isn't in opposition to mine, that I may have misunderstood
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