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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Essentially he has prostituted you out so that he can get off in women he thinks are sexy...

Unfortunately the whole post I clipped this from is pretty much dead on in it's ugliness and bluntness. The potential for this in the whole BDSM thing has always been the reason I in particular and my wife to a somewhat lesser degree (she enjoys some LIMITED D/s play) have never been attracted to that lifestyle. The risks just seemed too great. I'm sure that those of you all that HAVE been heavily involved in this lifestyle can vouch that stories like (or similar) to this are more common than we'd want. BDSM involvement takes a special type of person and a LOT of education.
People have and DO die from this lifestyle !

That all being said, I think recovery CAN come from this ! I truly do.
I hope you guys CAN pull together and take something as starkly ugly as this and use it as fuel for forging a stronger -albeit different - relationship.

Our thoughts are with you.........

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