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Default Oh I don't believe in veto

In prearranged ability to enforce one or be protected from another trying to issue one.

Vetos are occurrences that happen in politics, any intimate or poly relationships that are run by politics is in my eyes the perfect example of abusive hierarchy at play.

If I am in a relationship with a person or people, and after many discussions of what is acceptable and what is not for what goes on in my relationships, the situation you are calling "a veto" would be what I call dissolution of the relationship, it doesn't mean I can't be friends with the person, just not in a relationship, they would have to do something seriously wrong and against my beliefs to for my friendship to dissolve completely.

But I don't feel the need to reserve the right to break up with a partner, which is what I see as essentially the same thing as a veto, which may actually be closer to simply the threat of a break up, in which case I do not feel the need to reserve the right to threaten to break up with a partner. If after trying to come to an understanding and we could not, there would be no threats about it, it would be done, the same as it would if a partner threatened to break up with me in a manipulating way. But something so clear cut and dry I don't typically have problems with.

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