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How many of you have been or are swingers? Were you swingers before you became poly? Or did you try swinging after you discovered you were a poly person?
I have never tried swinging. I think that if I got into a relationship with primary style entanglements like a shared home, went back to work, maybe knocked out another kid or two, I wouldn't have the time for more than one romantic relationship. Swining might be a way, then, for me to exercise my need to have more than one partner in some form.

If you're in a successful poly relationship, do you still have desires to have casual, no strings sex with others? Or do you keep yourself now to only your poly partners?
My libido isn't dependent on love. Many poly people think that casual sex is somehow against being poly. That polyamory is only about loving more than one person and relationships that are focused around sex are "less than" polyamory and the people who have them are not polyamorous. As I said on another thread, I think if your form of ethical non monogamy allows only for sexually focused relationships and prohibits emotional and/or romantic connections with other people, then it is an open relationship opposed to a polyamorous relationship. However, people who have or can have more than one romantic partner as part of an ethically non monogamous relationship and also have interactions and relationships that are sexually focused and lack the romantic elements still fit in the polyamorous category in my opinion.
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