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Default Famous Threesomes In History

(1) Anais Nin, Henry and June Miller (subject of "Henry & June" movie)

(2) Film star Marlene Deitrich, her husband Rudi, and novelist Erich Maria Remarque

(3) Artist Pablo Picasso, surrealist poet Paul Eluard and his wife Maria Benz

(4) First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and her lesbian lovers Nancy Cook and Marion Dickerman

(5) Sex researcher Alfred Kinsey (author of "The Kinsey Report"), Mrs Kinsey, and their lab assistant

(from the book "The Threesome Handbook" by Vicki Vantoch
There once was the Power of Three:
Two girls and a guy oh so free.
They went to the lake,
Ate crumpet and cake,
And danced in the nude by a tree.

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