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Default help i have abandonment issues and i can't get up

i love my partner, he loves me, i have no other boyfriends right now, but i am dating (coffee etc) my partner is wonderful, he drives me and picks me up from these dates when it is rainy outside because i cannot afford the insurance on my car right now,

i am physically VERY old world Irish, short, dusty blond hair, ultra curvy, (not fat) but i have huge linebacker shoulders.....

i have met his other girlfriend Kat, she is beautiful, lovely in fact, and when they first got together and i had not met her, i was very self conscious, despite Colin telling me often that their relationship is very different, or WE would not be living together

once i met her (had sex with her) of course things changed and i was fine, i still get that little twinge when they go out but it is no biggie to me now

that being said.....

the girl that got away is moving back, and she left him a voice mail on his cell not just asking to go out for coffee but if he will be her boyfriend, once again Colin was wonderful and called me as soon as he got the voice mail (at work)

Colin says he wont date non poly girls, but it is also very clear that while he loves me, my love for him is deeper (we have both talked about this and agree) where does that leave me and Kathrine if Kitty is not poly? can we even compete? i am so scared of losing him, what if it turns out that he would rather live with her then me,

or will this all go away once i meet her like it did with Kat?
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