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Default more of our lives

Well it has been a while since last post. Things are still going pretty good here. J came home last weekend although he didn't get in till very early morning. D and J had planned on spending the night together friday's but last weekend just didn't work out for that really due to his work. I finally went to our bed and slept there as he didn't get home. She got up for her work on saturday morning to find him home and went to wake him for a coffee.....and you guessed it they ended up in bed Both had a good time although cut a little short due to her having to go. I got up and was informed by j that he got in and she woke him for "coffee", that ended up being more but that it was good....not as good as a whole night but good.. We went through our day here, working outside around the house mowing and what not. J went to his daughters for a visit and got his son for the weekend, brought him back in the late evening saturday after spending the day with him. After his son went to our spare room to bed D and J and I were on the couch for a bit cuddleing and talking. Went to bed to our room and she went to spend some time with him cuddleing and making love. She and he both loved it and is sure sounded like they had a good time for a Sunday we had his daughter and kids out, our son was home, his son was here and we had a cookout and bon fire. He also had a friend here he knows for a while. Finally everyone went to bed with j and d going to his room for a while then d came back to our room. Was a nice way to spend the day and evening. Sunday brought breakfast, more outside work, cuddleing later in the evening and just enjoying eachothers company. I had to work monday d and I went to bed early for us and had some nice quality time together. She seems so happy with both of us here, very nice to see and they are now turly in a "love" relationship telling each other finally so I think we are good. They spent the day monday around the house, he took d and his son to breakfast then he was with his family for the rest of the day and left for work in the evening. They didn't get a chance to make love before he left but they are planning on spending friday night all night together as I am working late and will sleep somewhere so they can use our room that night. D and I are going on a mini vacation overnight saturday so I told her no rush, enjoy each other all night and if they feel like it again saturday morning as there is no rush for us to go and I have her the rest of the weekend so it's all good. Sometimes she worries about the time split but I like to give them as much time as I can cause he is only here weekends. I am pretty happy with the way things have played out so far, seeing her so happy and fulfilled is very nice and she is happy and in love so it's all good. He tells her he loves her as well when talking on the phone, texting and making love. Sometimes while cuddleing as well so I think we are good......more later on as things develop as long as people want to hear about it. Any suggestions or comments are welcome as well.
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