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The week without T has been ok. I miss her. We've had a few opportunities to talk, but they've been brief. She's thanked me a lot for keeping in touch. I've tried to text her and send her emails. She's sent me a lot of nice pictures.

K and I had a talk about me meeting T in July. I really needed clarification as I didn't want to be think of loopholes for whatever rules we put in place. Not that I'd try and think my way around things, but the whole thing is so subtle as it is. I can kiss and hug (romantically). She's ok with anything happening in the room that could happen on cam. She asked if I would use condoms, but then didn't ok that I could actually put them to use. So, I want to be clear when the time rolls around.

The other two relationships haven't really gone anywhere. I haven't seen G at all (I sent her a message that she didn't respond to), and S and I have texted, but she and I have both been really busy.
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