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Well. Resolving the major anxieties around my relationship with C. happened only just in time.

I received some bad and distressing news about a close family member today. Bad because the health situation of this person is not looking good at all, distressing because I have a conflicted relation with this person and I am scared about what this means to me and for me, what will be expected of me, and how this is going to affect me. Anyway, don't want to go into specifics. The poly-related part is that after receiving the news, I immediately called Ren, and after talking to him, I sent emails to both C and MrBrown with the news. They both responded within a couple of hours, 2 messages that could not be more different, but both of them supporting me in their own unique way, both there for me.

I haven't experienced a real, not poly-related crisis since I started having multiple relationships, and I thought it was pretty great how loved and cared for and supported I can feel with these three men, all so different, all responding to different needs I have.

I love them all so much.
early forties, straight.
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