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Default Pantheism as an Introduction

So a few events in my life have lead me to live with a 'Pantheist' philosophy and i guess the realization of 'oneness' with the universe and of all things made it even more clear to me that as conscious beings we shouldn't have to confine ourselves to monogamous relationships.

If you have accepted oneness and realized the illusions of the ego, there should be no reason to feel self-conscious or insecure in a relationship. You should love a/the person(s) for the time you have with them, not get caught up in thinking about the times they aren't with you, or if they may be with someone 'better' than you.

If you truly love each other it shouldn't matter what you get up to when your apart.

This is all in theory as I've never had a relationship, but I hope i'd still realize this if i did enter in to one.

Are there any other Pantheists here, or can anyone else relate to what i'm saying?
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