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Default Tried/trying OKCupid

He's been on OKCupid for over a year. He's had a date or two with women who live some distance away, but nothing that really sparked. Mostly he gets silence. He'll write to many women -- not a random blast of generic stuff either, but something that shows he read her profile and why he's interested. (I've even helped him write! Just call me Cyrano.)
And....crickets. Not even a no thank you. So he gets discouraged.
We've also gone to the two local swingers clubs, and met some interesting and friendly people. We've also both figured out that we don't like swinging! But we go back to one place because we've actually made some friends who go there and it's fun to socialize, but typically we only wind up sleeping with each other.
Our area also has a large and growing polyamory group. We're going to one of the social meetups soon. The monthly meetup they have is specifically NOT for "meeting people" but for support.
I feel like we've done a lot of the typical things poly folk do to meet other poly folk, but we're still missing someone for him.
Posting here is the latest foray into the hunt, but patience, as always, is required.
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