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This past week things have been better with Woodsmith. He's being more present and more concerned with me and how I am doing. I'm still not anywhere near 100% of thinking I can count on him again but it's better. Part of me is curious how things are going to go once his internship starts tomorrow (he should be done by 5 so the question is does he think of coming home or doing something else afterwards). But I know he's been aggravated at the lack of sexual contact (honestly once I took care of what I needed to in therapy I realized I would give up sex way to easy to make believe I had love so since that revelation about 2 years ago I realized that if I wasn't feeling love from someone I wasn't going to have sex with them) and since he has been showing some improvements I may surprise him with some today.

Things with Primal are still going really well. A couple of weeks ago we've started adding in some D/s elements to our relationship and it showed me a big difference between my relationship with him and my relationship with Woodsmith in regards to the D/s. Woodsmith is very much geared towards sadism and pushing to the edge of boundaries. I've been trying since we got together almost 4 years ago to convince him to at least get a play partner who is open to that stuff so he can work it out with them and hopefully not want to do that all with me. He never has so I never get to really let go because I'm always needing to be completely aware of every little thing he is doing. Primal and I both have empathic natures so every time we've done something D/s related he's able to get me flying.

Last weekend I had some serious fears that I do want to spend time talking with Primal about. One of his concerns when we got together was that our relationship would upsurp my relationship with Woodsmith. Things between Woodsmith and I haven't been the best because he's closed off from me (as opposed to me putting Primal above him) and has basically neglected any emotional/mental caring. So one of my fears, that I briefly mentioned to Primal but we've yet to have any alone time to talk about it, is that if Woodsmith doesn't step up that I'm going to lose him as well.
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