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Personally, I found that interacting amounst the poly-family comes over time. You really need to be patient.

When I starting seeing my girlfriend, I really didn't understand Poly. I thought that I was an "add-on," like a dirty secret that everyone knew about, but over time I learnt that this wasn't the case and that her boyfriend saw me on the same level as himself (even though they have been together for a few years now and live together, this really blew me away!)

When I started dating my boyfriend, I went back to stage one again. Wanting to keep them separate and not mention either, even though they already knew each other. Over time, it was just a case of realising that neither were going to be possessive, or demand more attention.

6 months later and the 4 of us will hang out at the same parties and such. We are moving towards doing things like watching movies, just the 4 of us and I have an amazing dynamic with the Coyote! I think it just taking time, patients and also talking about how everyone feels!
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