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I know what happened, Cleo. You were present. And that makes all the difference. When we are present (and not preoccupied with our thoughts), we not only transform situations for ourselves, but for the people around us, too.

If you were sitting there all worried, wondering how he would take things, or rehearsing, he might not have had such an easy time being straightforward with you. But something shifted when you showed up and you really just showed up. That's all we ever need in life, actually - is to "be here now." So, because you were present and open, and able to listen, he was able to be present and open, and communicate. And if he continues to be present with Molly, she'll be more receptive and able to hear what he has to say. It's a chain reaction.

It's a great thing to remember when we are stuck - let go of thoughts, connect with the present moment, and be with what's in front of us. That's when transformation happens - when we are present in the here and now.

So cool! Kudos to you. Happy to read that it went so well and felt so easy between you.
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