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Default Love and compersion and bliss

So I just needed to share my awesome wonderful weekend with everyone!

This weekend I had the opportunity to go to a concert with my husband, my boyfriend, AND his family!!! It is something BF and his family do, Dave Matthews Band, two night stint. We met in the afternoon of Sunday at a local restaurant, had some food, got caught up with everyone and just eased into the day. Bf's kids dont know anything about us, so we kept things platonic for the day, just being together but not romantic.

We found our parking area and tailgated for a couple hours, listening to music, snacking, and chatting with teen kids. Hubby and BF interacted beautifully, even joked around with each other and gave each other some typical male guff about setting up equipment and such. I was just feeling so incredibly happy to be with both of them together. I even gave some Reiki to BF's wife, who hurt her leg recently. It gave us the opportunity to chat and connect a bit, which I think she appreciated, and I know I did.

Then into the concert. Set up our folding chairs, staked out our spot (it is an open lawn seating venue). Another mutual friend of BF's and mine also showed up and hung out with us for the night. It was so much fun to see this long-time friend, to see BF as a Dad having fun with his teenagers (BF is much a teenager himself at heart), and enjoying the awesome music.

Late in the evening, the two teens were off doing their own thing. Temps were chilly, and we were all bundled up on our lawn chairs with blankets. I was holding hands with hubby on my right. I decided to take a chance and reach out to BF on my left as well and just touched his hand under his blanket. He held my hand back quietly, and for about 45 minutes I got to sit there, between my guys, holding both their hands and just basking in the love. I was in total heaven..... Hubby kept looking over at me and smiling because he knew what I was doing (we were just keeping it on the down low because of the kids) and the wonderful compersion on his face was sweet and amazing.

The next day BF told me how amazing it was for him as well. Hubby was happy it all worked out and he felt very comfortable with everything all day. BF's wife told him she had a good time and we should do things like that more often.

Best. Concert. Ever.
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