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Default No job, mo apartment.

This just gets so weird. My GF RO, in the time of horror fucked off to Hawaii, with the kids and another man, and told me to be gone by the time she returned. I was living at her house at the time, and ended up moving back in with my ex wife T1. Because I was so centered on fixing or fixating on the relationship with Ro itself, I missed my best opportunity where I live to go to work, which meant no EMR positions available until late fall.

So now I'm looking to get a short term job, and find yet another place to live.

I've used my time back with T1 who was at the time broken up with the guy she left me for and I used the time to start the healing process. I've made great strides and actually have a real plan of what I want and will create in my life.

1) A career I enjoy,
2) A home of my own,
3) A relationship with someone who actually loves me. As is. I'm a good and decent man, yes I've got my shit, but so does anyone else.
4) My motorcycle
5) My tattoos.
6) and all the good fortune the universe has to give me.

I've spent a lot of work cleaning up myself my life and my act. I'm a very different man then the one who started this journey through wonderland, and I aint ever settling for less in a relationship or from myself again.

I have no home of my own, no job, but I do have a dream and hope.

The relationship broke down when Ro realized I wasn't ever going to be a replacement husband. Her husband at the time did pretty much whatever she told him to do, and many of those things I had no interest in doing, now or ever. She needed a houseboy, not a partner. And I'm just way to independent and unpredictable to be used like that. When you add in just how unreliable financially I was at the time, well you can see how this went bad so fast. She did her own work on killing the relationship, but that's hers to tell not mine.

Twin souls, both looking for the other. But our journey at least in this lifetime is done. We taught each other what we needed to know and it was time to move on. Hurt like a bitch though.

We were both looking to be rescued from unhappy lives, and ended up creating more harm then good. It happens all the time, I just didn't realize how truly fucked up I was. I'm so sorry for all of the pain I brought into her world, but I celebrate those 6 incredible months where we both had the chance to see what a truly loving powerful relationship can be.

So for now, it's work and a home that occupy my time. Everything else is just a distraction.

I love you Ro, you took me in and did your best, you just had a different path to follow. May your journey be filled with love and wonder.

Freetime. All the time. Every time.

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