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Originally Posted by Josie View Post
He used to ask a LOT of questions, not because he was insecure or was checking up on me, but because he was so excited for me.
I found it a little overwhelming, to be honest. I'd come back from a date and be asked lots of questions before I even had a chance to sit down - let alone digest it.
So I think I came off as a little cold and uncommunicative at first because I didn't really know what I thought/felt about what was going on in the relationship so I felt put on the spot being asked lots of questions.
I have often read, here and on other poly sites/blogs, that many people who come home to one partner after being with another need to take some time to re-integrate themselves from one situation into another. There is a readjustment period they need, whether it is an hour of quiet time or a week to absorb everything. It's important that a partner give us the space we need, if we're still processing our experiences.
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