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Originally Posted by genebean View Post
I ended it . . . It hurts so bad but I can't be in a relationship that I don't feel respected or loved anymore.
I am sorry it feels so shitty for you right now, but it sounds like the right thing to do in this case. Walking away is a step toward building up your self-esteem, and opens the door for more, better, loving possibilities in your life. No one should stay in relationships where they are disrespected, even if there is love there.

STAY STRONG! In six months, in a year, you will look back at this and feel grateful that you were brave enough to let go of someone you loved but who consistently hurt you with his disregard for who you are.

I have a strong feeling that good things will come your way now that you have said, "No more!" and are willing to move forward in your life without him.
The world opens up... when you do.

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