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Default not taboo

Wife and I are in a v with her being the hinge and yes I like to hear about what they do, If I am there when they are together I love to listen to them playing as she is very vocal. To know that she is getting pleasure is a huge turn on for me. I have gotten a peek from time to time, most accidental. The best was when I walked in on them in the middle of pleasuring each other because I didn't know they were even in the house. They both looked so happy and into it it was quite a sight to see and we all had a good laugh about it later. We do not so far have threesomes although I of course would not mind at all and neither would my wife so maybe someday. I do not thing this is a taboo subject and we look at it as normal in our poly relationship. We know he hears us together as well and that is a turn on for all of us. I would say enjoy, don't worry about what others may think and make your way through life any way the 3 of you want....
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