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Wink Poly to this site

Its great to know that there is a forum like this! It helps that "we" have a place to talk openly, get advice and give support. "Coming out" about my lifestyle has begun recently. My kids know as do other close friends. My partners are less willing to take that step. I am a woman with two male primary partners and and two additional boyfriends. My primary relationship is approaching it's 5th year.

As my children grow older and leave home, I have begun to want a poly living situation. I think that the only draw back at this point is women. Two of my guys are poly, one is mono, and one is mono, but seriously considering adopting a poly lifestyle. None of us are bisexual. The secondary women have always been there in a small way but so far, I have yet to meet a woman that I would consider living with. I want to take it slow. I rather like keeping the status quo.

But, remain open to the possibility. If we find someone we are all comfortable with, then why not?
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