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I can understand telling your SO the details of your sex with your boyfriend, especially if its not something you are accustomed to doing lol...Before we were poly, my wife would tell me stories of guys she had been with before she was with me, and found it interesting I was turned on hearing about all the details...and it just went from there.

So, her boyfriend is coming at the end of the week to visit for 3 weeks. As always, should be a fun and interesting time. I am sure she will have a few stories to tell, as I will be at work during the day. Maybe if I am lucky at some point, I will be in the house when they are together and be able to hear them together.

Nice thing is, he and I get along very well. So when we are all 3 together (non sexually) we have a good time cooking/grilling, having a few drinks and just relaxing together.
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