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Hey nycindie,

Thanks for the detailed reply. I really appreciate your considerate advice.

You're totally right. He does have a tendency to be possessive over me, and I can respect where that's coming from: love. But, I also need my freedom too, and I think he's coming to respect that aspect of me too. For me, I want to be respectful and loving to him, to be generous with my time and "be there" for him, but I also want to balance that with time with other people too.

We're going to be moving in together next week, and he's here visiting to help me with the move. Our polyamory isn't a temporary thing. I'm 100% poly and, while he's definitely more oriented to monogamy, I see him checking his online dating profiles and such sometimes too, so I think he's coming to see the benefits of having an open relationship.

I do have a lot of talking to do! We have pretty strong communication skills, so I think it will all work out. It's boundary-setting time, so I agree with you. I have to make it clear that my other relationships are my own and not try to please him at the expense of my own liberty.

Thanks again for the advice. I appreciate it.
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