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We went to a course together today, all of us. For me, I didn't feel anything uncomfortable.

My husband did, but he got over it very fast. I think she got over it quickly as well.

I loved seeing the way they look at her. I know he looks at me the same way, just in love, happy, as if he is seeing the most wonderful person in the world. I loved seeing that. It made me all glowy inside...

The agreement was no touching right now, and mostly that was ok. I did feel that it added some layer of weirdness to the situation because you can tell my husband is used to touching her and me all the time when we are together (we are sticky people ). But with time hopefully that will work itself out.

At the end of the day the touching was a bit more casual. Just a light touch here or there, without it being either obvious nor too much. So I think it went very well and I hope we can start doing more things together next month. Especially since I don't want my husband as far nor as long away from me when I'm one month away from giving birth, and at the same time want to give them their space and time as well.
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