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I tend to agree with most of the answers on here. I have explained to my neice and nephews and even to my own children that I love both of my partners equaly just as they love grandma and papa equally and that with out my family ( including the people I love) I wouldn't be whole. Just because your religions are different doesn't mean both don't have the concept of family being close and loving. If you make it about that rather then religious views it should help keep her turmoil of good and bad; right and wrong out of her young mind. Perhaps if you explain it similar to a pet (ie they wernt born into the family but you love them and they you and therefor they are apart of the family)n thus also negating the need to discus sex with a 4 year old. Noone can tell you what's right and wrong so maybe just decide to go with her parents tell her, answer questions honnestly but simply. I hope these suggestions help.
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