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The thing I love about this situation is how it makes me examine my own feelings and my relationship with my husband.

We were definitely in a strong relationship and there are no doubts about the love we feel for each other. Yet, we did fall into a bit of a taking each other for granted situation. Which, I guess, is normal after 9 years

This came up because he took her to a hotel which is a hotel that was new and he promised to take me to at some point, yet we never did. And I felt bad about him taking her there, yet not me.

And I realized that it is also a lot my fault. I'm a very passive / submissive person in my relationships. I like being taken to places, I like someone else to take the lead. Which is normally great (in exchange, I take care of people at home. I love taking care of people. It gives me a lot of pleasure!), but not if the other person is not stepping up and actually taking the lead...

My responsibility in this is that I didn't realize this before, and therefor didn't communicate it. And obviously, nobody can read my mind, nor should I expect them to.

Realizing these things can only make my relationships stronger. Which is a good thing!!
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