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Originally Posted by PolyPaulie View Post
You are so right. Its just been so stressful because I'm pansexual and whats in a persons pants is the lasT thing I think about or am aware of… so Its easy to fall for anyone on the spectrum. And having to try so hard to only look for a specific type of person that my primary okayed was just SO CONFUSING AND STRESSFUL.
Get yourself a cuppa tea and chill out with some music.

Originally Posted by PolyPaulie View Post
Thank you all so much for your input! This past week has been a huge decision making week for me, and your replies have helped me a great deal! If anyone cares to know what happened, my boyfriend and I are broken up for good. We had a long serious talk about what we wanted now and in the future and resolved that we just don't make sense as a couple.We are just too different. And frankly, his transphobia makes me sick too. On another note C and I have been dating almost five months now. We have become much closer and I feel really great about our blossoming relationship. We seem to be making a good couple because, aside from all the small things we have in common, he is much more open minded and completely Poly like me.

Oh, and that trans woman I mentioned? I asked her out on a date because of my new found freedom and she said "Finally! Of course!" So, wish me luck!
Awesome news, and enjoy your time. Will enjoy coming back and reading any updates you post. ^_^
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