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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Three and a half years total. A year before she got pregnant, then through the pregnancy, and now the little boy is almost two.

I agree, your friend put it very well.
Sometimes I think it would have been much easier if they would have gotten together a year earlier or a year later. Without hormones and all the pregnancy complications.

Even simple things are more complicated right now. I'm more or less over him not being here most evenings and some nights, I'm good with that. But we only have one car and I would have liked to go to the supermarket today and I couldn't because he took the car. Things are complicated now...

I do hope things work out. It is complicated, but somehow we (they) will make it work.

We had a baby shower today and it was a bit bitter sweet for my husband. He loved being with his friends, and seeing them happy with the fact that we are pregnant and yet he doesn't think he can ever give that type of inclusion to her.
He is worried his friends won't accept her.

I personally think that if his friends don't accept him being happy (us being happy) too bad for his friends. I accepted that as a reality of having an alternative lifestyle and I don't care much. It is different for him...

Luckily we still have time. She was cramping today so most likely will get her period soon. That gives us time to be ok just all of us before having to confront the outside world. And it gives them time to get over the NRE and decide if this is long term or not.
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