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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
For someone who says they're rejecting "labels", you seem to be knocking yourself out to get this "poly" label to stick. What happened to being "just me"?

Just wondering about that. No agenda required.
There is no label for what I am. I am hovering in between the two. What label fits that? I am a hybrid of the two. My heart is poly, but my actions do not mirror that. For the time being, I am living monogamously. Granted, the argument could be presented that a mono/poly person is still just that even if they are single. However, that argument does not apply to me. This argument implies one knows what they want and still believes in it, despite the circumstances. I am not sure.

Neither label accurately fits. It is impossible to classify myself as one or the other, and I have realised that. I was pushing myself to be one or the other. It seemed wrong to be on both sides. "No label" is better than an ill-fitting one.
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