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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Hey, just wanted to say that, as someone in a poly relationship with a new parent, it's nice to see someone else who seems to be successfully managing it so far (I know it's early days, but everything you've written sounds very reasonable and workable to me). Some poly folks seem to think that pregnancy and then the first couple of years of infancy are just not a good time for multiple relationships, because there's too much other stuff going on. It HAS been hard at times (what relationship isn't?), but I'd like to think that, because I can help out with babysitting or in a crisis, my presence in the lives of the new parents has actually made it easier for them overall rather than harder.

Anyways, best of luck.

How long have you been in the relationship?

A friend of mine put it very well...

If a couple is monogamous and gets pregnant or has a small child, nobody would accept them saying "you know what, being monogamous is too difficult right now. Better open things up until things are more relaxed".

Why would that be different for being poly? My opinions and orientation (for lack of a better word) don't just change just because I'm pregnant.
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