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I am SO SORRY! I was not taught research methods at all and I should have looked them up in much more detail before asking.

My name is Charles Bowden and I am a student at the University of CA, Davis. This class is called University Writing Program/UWP 101, section 20, taught by Raquel Scherr, and it's essentially a composition class with a lot of freedom in writing topics. I am an undergraduate in Psychology with a Biology Emphasis, and we do use the quarter system.

All I can do, I suppose, is assure anyone who feels comfortable volunteering that all information shared will be fully confidential, ie no locations, occupations, forum names, real names, or other identifying characteristics specified as unacceptable will be given. I will not be allowing any publication of this paper--it will be peer-reviewed by my fellow students, however, and of course handed to my professor.

If there are any other questions or concerns, please please PM or publicly post to me. I am extremely sorry for presuming that people would feel comfortable giving information on such a sensitive topic without identifying information from me.

Thanks again,
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