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Originally Posted by PolyPaulie View Post
How do I explain Poly to people who's religion condemns it as sin?
Same way you would to anyone else. Poly means having romantic relationships with more than one person at a time with everyone's consent.

Or are you really asking how to 'explain it' in such a way that you'll convince them to approve of sex with multiple people, and sex outside marriage? If this is what you want, it's not likely going to happen. You don't want them telling you your beliefs are wrong and that you must change your mind on matters of faith, so give them the same respect.

And on that note, What is an appropriate way/time to come out as poly to people who are interested in dating you? To new friends? How about coworkers?
I'm also not clear on the need to tell anyone and everyone about your dating life or sex life.

Are you married or in a committed relationship? If so, who are those who are interested in dating you and how have they let you know if they believe you're not available?

Or do you mean when you meet someone for a first date, say off Okcupid or that sort of thing? If that's what you mean, I would suggest considering putting it in your profile so they know from the start. This way, you'll draw people looking specifically for poly people. And you won't run into the problem of people being turned off thinking they're going for a standard date with someone looking for a monogamous relationship only to find out the two of you aren't a match and never will be--I can see someone feeling they wasted their time in that situation and feeling like they had a bit of bait and switch pulled on them.
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