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Default re: alone time with another

Hi everyone, First post here.

I need your opinion. Am I in the wrong?

I've been in a LTR for four years with a great guy. Since last September, we were doing long distance. At my request, we decided to open up the relationship and it's been going well. He's back now in my town for a week before we move in together again.

I've been seeing someone else for about a month now, but I'll be moving in a week. Today, we all hung out together and everyone got along well. I don't really want to have a threesome, but I want to spend more time with the guy I've met recently before I move away.

I mentioned to my LTR boyfriend that I wanted spend a few nights this following week with the guy I've met and he didn't take it well. He said he didn't feel comfortable with it, even though he'd be open to us all hanging out again or even a threesome. But I really prefer one-on-one and I think my other relationship would prefer that as well.

If we're going to be living again together, there will certainly be times where one of us leaves the other to spend time with another person. I know these can be tricky waters to navigate, so I want to ask your advice on how I can respect my LTR's boundaries while also setting some of my own.
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