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Default saturday may 25 2013

The last couple of days have been crazy crazy around here. J! Has been working, and we have had to come "out" to her boss. Yesterday I walked izzy to meet JB when she was done work (I do this often as she works just up the road so it is a nice walk) and on the way back her boss is texting her asking her to take more shifts. JB is almost ten weeks pregnant with horrible morning sickness and just drained so its not an option for her right now. We hadn't told her boss about being pregnant and poly yet because we didn't know how okay with it they would be. But we had to tell her about the baby yesterday.I am not sure if she ended up telling her boss about the baby's father etc... In one breath I underrstand not telling them, and I never want to push JB but I really feal hidden for the most part. I asked her the other day what she was going to do when her sister comes from out of town and stays with us. How are we going to hide that? Does anyone else know someone not out or arnt out themselves? I am fealing this way and when I tell her she says well I can't or she clams right up (she is very shy ) and I don't want to push her but I hate being put off as just the friend not the partner, which I am. Even to her parents and ANY family noone knows. It is really just CM and I's family and friends with a few of her, a select few.
I guess I need to put my patience cap on! I love her and always remember that. This is why I rant here and not at her thx for any input
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