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Originally Posted by Cleo View Post
I apologize for hijacking your blog FoL, but I just wanted to say, thank you Magdlyn. This just was a huge eye opener for me. For a long time I thought the knowledge of all involved, was the one thing that separated poly from cheating. My own recent issues stem exactly from the fact that knowledge isn't enough. When everyone involved is not approving and supporting, it's not the kind of poly I want to practice.. Will muse some more about this on my own blog I think.
No need to apologise. I see that I needed to clear some things up, so I did a post that should better explain it. In short, the first 8 years were fine. It was the past five and once children were involved that it crashed and went straight to hell. It was never the relationship he had a problem with. It was how I handled the two, my choices, and how much it kept me away. 20% wife? Yes, that is true. That stemmed from piss poor management, bad decisions, and shitty communication in a poly relationship. Everything that happened could have been avoided.
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