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From 2000-2012, Matt and Si were cordial. Cordial is pushing it. I MIGHT speak if I see you, but if I do not, it is water under the bridge. That was their dynamic. They were NOT friends, were never around each other in more than a social capacity, and metamours in name only. To this day, they have zero mutual friends and no shared interests, so the odds of them running into one another while on the streets or while out is about as likely as a pig flying over a blue moon.

The first eight years of this poly journey were uneventful--relationships wise. I had balance then. I was working towards my career, so they both had to deal with seeing me on a limited basis. Si worked overnight and was working erratic hours, so most of my free time was spent with Matt. That was a given seeing as how we lived together. At that point, staying overnight was not an option. I saw her when I could and when time permitted.

When I found out I was pregnant in 2008, naturally I wanted both of my loves to be part of that joyous time. I assured Matt that she would be involved in a limited manner. Aunt/godmother type of deal. The further my pregnancy progressed, the more the idea of a poly family with three co-parents appealed to me. I cannot blame it on pregnancy brain, but I did not tell him what my vision was immediately. That was a huge mistake. She was at every appointment. Just like him. She was in the room when our daughter was born, too. Keep in mind that Matt was not friends with her so she was a virtual stranger. Here this "stranger" is sharing in intimate moments minutes after we welcomed our first child. He came to me and then her a few months after her birth and asked her to step back so that we could bond privately as a family. She agreed to do so.

Most of the time from my daughter's birth to her third year of life was uneventful. Usual parenting stuff. Matt's trigger came in the form of me telling him that Si had been given rights like a parent and hearing our daughter call her mum. I did not ask him. I told him. At that point, she was around much more, more involved, and they had formed a solid bond by the time he wanted to break it. He had came to me on numerous occasions before then and expressed concerns about how close they were. Reminding me of the agreement that we would be the parents went out the window. This was the true start of his resentment. This was the one thing he had been trying to prevent because it was not his idea of what family was. Despite the untraditional nature of our marriage, he wanted a traditional upbringing for our children. Traditional meaning two parents with opinions and views from loved ones being accepted. No veto power, no third parent...none of that. I will explain why it increased as time went on. They are separate issues that stem back to the way I handled poly.

Due to my decision to grant her these rights, it caused problems. Problems like him having to run his plans by her to make sure she did not have plans and possibly changing his plans because of her. He was cornered into co-parenting with not one but two other people. At this point, he was still fighting me and trying his damndest to stop it. He resented having to check in with someone he still at this point viewed as an outside party and unneeded parental figure. My mistake in this instance was telling him things that further infuriated him. "Oh, but she loves them like her own and just as much as we do." After fighting with me for a couple of years, he threw in the towel and said forget it because I was not listening and not even trying to compromise.

In late 2011, I got pregnant with our son. Most would think this was a chance to do things over and not make the same mistakes. I did the same things over again. She was at appointments, in the room when he was born, had a say how we decorated the nursery, and was given the same rights like with our daughter. This pregnancy was different because I had to have surgery in April 2012, and I was placed on bed rest from the day I returned home a week later until I delivered him on 30 June. During that time, I did not have dates with Si. I was on strict bed rest. I could only be up 15 minutes per hour. Matt was my support in every sense of the word. He took off four weeks to help me during the postop period. I did not ask him or her to do that. He did that because he wanted to. I later found out Si was envious of the time he spent with me during that time. There was nothing romantic about it. Naturally, I leaned on him during what was a very challenging time. I am sure my relationship with Si suffered from the lack of time, but my baby's health was more important than my relationship with her. The burden of spending time together should not have fallen on me.

This is the issue with time management and how I got to be a 20% wife. Before the birth of our son, she changed jobs, so she was able to be around more, which in turn meant she had more time for me and our relationship. She wanted more of my time, overnights, date nights again, movie nights, etc. From May to September, it had just been Matt and I in a romantic sense. We worked on our relationship and became closer than ever. We were adjusting to being parents again. I felt like I owed her more of my time since I had been spending so much time with him. Realistically, there was no way it could have ever been even. I was like, "My marriage is stable and going great. I am sure everything will be fine if I spend less time with him." I did not ask him how he felt about this. Very bad choice.

I returned to work four months after my little guy's birth, so it was back to crazy hours. I did a detailed schedule several pages back. On average, I wake up at 5:30, and by 7:45, I am out of the house. The time in the morning is spent with our children, getting briefed by the nanny, and talking to Matt in between fixing breakfast for the little duckies and getting dressed. Mornings are chaotic. I have rotating schedules, but no two days are the same. I might get off at 5:30 on Tuesday and 10 on Wednesday. With my unpredictable schedule, being a mum, and having two relationships that had different needs, I was pulled in too many directions. If you total the amount of time Matt spent with me over the course of a week, it probably is a sad 20%. I had to divide my time amongst four people, and for someone who says quality is more important than quantity, the quality and quantity sucked balls.

Let's say I got home at 6:30 and had a date set for 9:30 and it was an overnight evening. Average night would consist of showering, eating dinner with my husband and children, spending time with them, bedtime ritual, and squeezing time in to talk to him, having a glass of wine, getting ready for my date, and packing for my overnight stay with Si. By 9:15, I was out of the house and on the way to wherever we had agreed to meet. Somewhere for drinks, at the cinema, at a show, or wherever. Matt agreed not to text/call unless it was an emergency or anything pertaining to our children, so the nights were usually uninterrupted. She and I and did whatever was planned, and then, we would go back to her place or grab a late night snack. We were regulars at Vingt Quatre. Once, at her place, talking, bonding, cuddling, making love, etc. I would wake up next to her, take a shower with her, get dressed for work, make a Starbucks run, kiss her good-bye, and head home to eat breakfast with Matt and our children. In that hour or so, I had to eat, talk to Matt, sign off on expenses for Nanny J, and spend time with my children. Are you seeing how my time was divided? 40-50% of my day is already allotted to work. That does not leave much time because I have to sleep at some point.

Another huge issue was us conspiring behind his back. In early 2012, we had already decided that we wanted to move. We made it a goal for mid-2013. We needed time to prepare, and I needed time to complete my fellowship. I am now a couple of weeks shy of being done. Thank God. Anyway, we kept Si in the loop. She agreed to move. In late 2012, she expressed hesitation and was kind of straddling the fence. In a selfish hour, I did not want to leave her and have a LDR, so she and I made an additional set of plans WITHOUT talking to Matt. He was completely uninvolved and not part of it. This was wrong. When he found out, he went to the moon, came back, and visited another galaxy. We had purchased a home, started the renovations, secured new jobs, enrolled our child in school, and everything was set, and I asked him to reconsider because Si was not sure she wanted to move. He did not get the full extent of our calculated actions until after their argument in March. He went all the way off. The argument with her and the buried issues regarding parenting caused him to see red. He clicked like a retractable pen.

I made mistakes. It started in 2008 and continued to spiral. I could have gotten control of this. The way I managed poly was the issue. It is not poly itself. It is not that he did not approve of my relationship. It was that he was forced into way too many things pertaining to poly like the lack of listening on my part (communication), forced co-parenting (interdependent model ideal for me/traditional model of two parents for him), sharing holidays (my idea of family vs. his), settling for a fraction of a wife and marriage due to me being gone so much (loss of balance and shitty management), and all those things that built resentment in that five year span. It was not all bad. From 2000-2008, it was the run of the mill poly relationship. We did not adjust well to the changes in schedules, changes in needs, and different wants for each person. We all made mistakes.

So saying that the past 11 years of our marriage were full of miscommunication, selfishness, etc. is incorrect. The last five years? Yes, that is 1000% true. The past five years were more damning than the first eight.

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