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Originally Posted by Muri91 View Post
Hello all!

I don't want to pry, but I am doing a research paper for my class on polyamorous families with children and parenting techniques, and their benefit to monogamous/"conventional" families and parents. I just wanted to know if you had any strategies you employ in parenting, whether for dealing with:

~stigma felt by children and adults
~partners with whom children may have bonded leaving the family
~conflict resolution with children
~coming out to children
~sexual education

I feel that a lot of the ways in which polyamorous parents implement communication skills they have learned in relating to each other and the world in general can related to both queer and non-queer monogamous parents, and that interaction between the two (whenever possible) can be helpful. So if you could share, that would be absolutely amazing!

I also have a survey on that it would be wonderful for you to take if you have the time! I tried to make it short. If you do nothing else, please please take it!
It is appropriate for you to introduce yourself with your full/real name, name of your school, which class it is, and whether this is for undergraduate course work (not likely, since the Spring semester just ended and Summer school hasn't started yet, unless you go to one of those schools with a weird schedule where it uses "quarters") or a graduate/masters/PhD thesis... in which case you should know that most schools have an established procedure for using "human subjects" in one's research (which is a lot more specific than posting an anonymous message on a forum with a link to Survey Monkey.

Just trying to help you succeed in your academic career... Can't do your survey because I don't have any children. Good luck.
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