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Default talking about helps

Talking about IT helps. Everyone has their moments of jealousy and feeling insecure, it is part of being human and those who say it never happens aren't being realistic.

There are healthy ways to deal with it, and if you cannot, it's likely that either you will only be bringing misery to your life OR you haven't found a "style" of non-monogamy that works for you. The hardest part is being able to honestly evaluate your situation so that you can recognize whether it's you and your behavior that is causing your difficulties or if it's rooted in the fact that you don't see eye to eye with your partners and those you are connected to, through them.

When all involved have a genuine desire to be respectful and caring towards everyone both directly and indirectly involved, you can find a way that works. Such skills are necessary to have regardless of the types of relationships you cultivate throughout your life.

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