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Adding to my list...

Cuddling -- At least one person above listed cuddling as a hobby, and I regret that I had not. Thus far in my life, almost everyone I've ever cuddled with has been a "romantic" partner, but my plan is to try it out real soon with some of my close friends! (who are not thought of by myself at this time as 'romantic partners') -- if only because it is so obvious that the world hasn't got quite enough cuddling.

Daydreaming -- which involves many various varieties of dreaming while awake. E.g., "spacing out," "hanging out" (loosely, and without apparent purpose or direction), laying out (not drunkenly when I can help it, but rather just laying down and noticing my breath and thoughts [...sensations, emotions, feelings...], as if they were clouds drifing slowly above/within...; ... and then there is the daywishing variety, in which one simulates potentially realizable actualities in the sense of environments, conditions, experiences.... All kinds of daywishing is good. Try it when you get a chance. [One may even do this while awake at other times than daytime.]

Sitting still and doing nothing in particular, but with attention, also known (rather formally) as "meditation"..., which, I think, is best enjoyed as the art of being here now as opposed to getting there then.

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