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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
He let's you? My ass is the only one that touches my bike when it is in motion LOL! I'm sooo possessive
Mono to the core, and in all things, eh?

For me, being self-unemployed, pretty much everything translates into a hobby. . .

Woodworking: I technically own a business, but since I've spent WAY more on it than I've ever made, we'll have to call it a hobby for now. I design and build modern furniture, as well as woodturning.

Acting: If you include the cost of my college education, than this is another I've spent a lot more on than I've ever made. I've been doing well lately on the income front, though. Also just won a couple of awards from the local theater that I'm active in.

Homebrewing: Kind of dropped out of this one several years ago, but I'm now on the way back in, building up my equipment again.

Video/Film Production: This is a weird one. I haven't been doing much of this recently, but have a couple of projects on simmer right now that could be fun, and fit this nicely together with #2 above.

Other than that I read a lot, and play board/card games fairly frequently. My poker game has been suffering of late, but I still enjoy it!
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