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Gardening is topping the list today, although it is winter and there is snow and ice outside. And although my current plot of ground is too tiny to be believed (apartment dweller). But my partner and I are now decided to move out of the city a bit, to rural land which we hope to share in ecovillage fashion -- a bunch of "green" types with contiguous acres -- an old farm both conjoined and legally distinct.... Private landholdings held together by community purpose.... I'm even going with my partner on Saturday to look at land! It's neither too far nor too near to the city. It has soil and water. What more does one need?

(Edible organic gardening may not be a "hobby" exactly, as it's also very practical, right?)

Outdoor recreation is also near the top of my current list. I/we enjoy camping, backpacking, exploring the myriad exotic places of New Mexico and the SW.

Arts and crafts -- I'm re-engaging with this after a long absence. Primary interests right now are mosaic art and wood carving, but I also hope to continue to engage with watercolor painting and some drawing. I hope to become semi-professional in mosaic art.

Learning -- Is learning a hobby? I love to read, research, watch educational and documentary films, PBS.... My curiosity is unending and extends to almost everything! I've engaged quite a lot in learning about: philosophy, East and West; everything green and "eco" oriented..., wilderness skills, foraging for mushrooms and wild edible plants..., gardening..., you name it. History, social thought and history, politics..., everything fascinates me.

Everything foody and foodish -- eating, cooking, growing, historical, political, theoretical.... Food, like water and sunlight and animal and mineral ... captures my attention and engages me in ...

Conversation & Dialogue -- which is a given.

I'm interested in most everything, to a fault. I make a lousy expert.

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