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What an interesting phone call I just had. So while the kids were in town, as I mentioned earlier, my niece asked if Pixi lived in our garage. None of us could figure out where this came from. Tonight they were watching The Help for the second time and my niece said something about "See mommy they live in the garage." Apparently she thinks Pixi is our maid and has to live in the garage. The thought of Pixi being our maid caused to laugh hysterically. Out of the mouth of babes! So after discussing time frames and social situations with her daughter, my sis in law called to tell me.

She's come to the conclusion that with the move and Pixi inevitably spending more time with the family, we're going to have to talk with the little one. They are all for being honest with her and we are all researching the ways to explain it. But this also means I have to have the sit down with my mom, because whatever the little one knows, YaYa will know soon. Not so worried about it, just want to have it in person. I'm more worried about my dad.

But yeah, Pixi lives in our garage because she is our maid and this has now catapulted the idea of coming out to the rest of the family. Interesting times ahead.
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