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So all in all a wonderful weekend.
Hey Hef ....did you get yourself a silk robe ?

If my mind hadn't been so preoccupied with worrying what the owner of the place thought of the rotating car issue, I think it might be about perfect.
That's not what you told me. I thought you said something about wanting to be removed by the paramedic's for complete pleasure and extreme exhaustion ...and not being able to walk "Blanked silly "...something something "with in an inch of your life" ..."rode hard and put away wet" or something like that

I loved having three partners who didn't seem to have any problem with it, and it was nice to appreciate spending a solid stretch of time with each of them in succession, and to confirm that they are all quite skillful at cuddling, and nice to wake up next to.
cuddling skills ....Hef are you sure you didn't get a concussion over the weekend cuddling is a C game activity. A B&B weekend requires A game stuff I right ?

This is very very inspiring ......I want to get 3 partners just to do this.

Hey Hef, (Lady Hef ) or Lef.... What do you think about doing this quarterly? ...That seems perfect to me. That's going to be my new goal.
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