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Shit just got real. She might be pregnant. Accident obviously, and most likely she is not, but she is late. But she is also very irregular and has had a lot of stress in the last few weeks. They used just condoms for the last month or so. She was/is planning on additional birth control, this month (has to wait till she gets her period to start).

They are going to take a test next week and we will se what happens.

Of course, before starting all this I thought about all the possible outcomes, pregnancy being one of them, and theoretically I was ok with it.

It still sucks if that is the case though. My husband and I planned my pregnancy. We talked about it for 2 years before even starting to prepare to try. I lost weight, got healthier. We talked about education, how to raise our baby, etc. it took us 8 months to get pregnant.

She doesn't want kids now, but would keep it if she is pregnant by accident. At least, that's what she said when they were starting to get physical. Things may have changed, may not have.

I'm trying to be calm. Most likely she will be like me, take a test that turns out negative, and get her period a few hours later. Stress does weird things to the body.

My husband is worried as well. Both of us had already decided we didn't want anymore kids. Just the one. (Edit: obviously he is a great man, and says it is 100% her decision what to, and that he will stand by her no matter what. There is a reason why I love him so much. He truly is an amazing person!)

If this is true, things that were talk of the future are suddenly talk of the present. Things like the living situation. I am definitely NOT ok with my husband only living with us (me and the baby) part time, and part time with her. I'd be ok with all of us sharing a house and him sleeping in her bedroom half the time and the other half in mine. However, I'm not sure they are ok with that. I know right now they definitely are not even ok with just hanging out together.

It is all hypothetical of course until we know, hopefully we will know soon that it is nothing and that everything can just go on as it is for a long while longer, till everybody is more used to the situation.
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